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This site is dedicated to Kushan Studies. It was founded in 1999 and has been written and researched by Robert Bracey.


Unless otherwise stated everything on the site is the work of Robert Bracey. Permission is given to reproduce all or part of the site for students, friends, or any non-profit purpose. Please note, copyright is not applicable to translations of ancient texts or inscriptions. If you do use parts of the site please reference it:

Bracey, R. "Section Title: If Applicable" in A Rough Guide to Kushan History, http://www.kushan.org/, Date of Download (Adapt as necessary to your referencing format)


Though all the errors, of judgment and fact, are mine the site would not be possible without the assistance of a great many people. Thanks in particular to E&S. Also to KUWB who first hosted the site in 1998/9. To Duncan Head, Tom Mallon, Kemal Hassan and Sam Kazmi. Thanks also for the help in finding books and materials; Joe Cribb, Elizabeth Errington, Nicholas Simms-Williams, the staff of the British Museum, the staff of the School of Oriental and African Studies, the British library, Sheffield University Library, Spink and Sons, Oxford University Press, Keele University Library. To Duncan Head, Tom Mallon, Kemal Hassan and Sam Kazmi, Kathryn Cawte. As well as to Tarn, Rosenfield, Marshall, Puri, Narain and all the other authors who got me interested, and whose work deserves a lot more popular attention than it gets, I hope this redresses the balance a little.

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