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There is very little material on Sapadbizes. The first person to make a significant note on the coins was Wroth (1903) who suggested that they should be linked to the overstrikes of coins of Phraates IV. These overstrikes and the coins of Sapadbizes were also briefly touched upon by Narain (1990), Sarainidi & Koshelenko (1982), and Zeymal (1983 & 1999). Most of these are only brief mentions of the coins. The only person to treat Sapadbizes specifically has been Rtveladze (1993/4) who produced an article analyzing his coins and placing them in a wider framework.

On related subjects Rosenfield (1967: 83-91) provides the best introduction to Nana on Kushan coinage. This includes the connection with the lion image. While details of recent work on Indo-Parthian coinage and chronology can be found in Bopearachchi (1999).

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