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Military History1997
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General History of the Kushan period

This essay is divided into several major periods and provides a general introduction to Kushan History

The Chinese and the Yu-chi1999
Bactria:Alexanders easternmost legacy1999
Yu-chi in Bactria and their neighbours1999
Foundations of the empire:Kajula and Wima1999
The trading empire:Wima Kadphises, Kanishka, Huvishka and Vasu Deva1999
The Later Kushans, Kushanshahs, Kidarites1999
Kemal Hassan's History of Pakistan 1999
Further Information Finding Out More 2004
Reviews of Books 
Contacting the author
Short Topics in Kushan History

Each of these essays is on one topic of Kushan History. If you are interested in coins you should also see the section on numismatics.

Sapadbizes and West Bactria (2001) 
Ideals of Beauty in Indian Art (2007)
Epigraphic Evidence for Women (2001)
The Fourth Buddhist Council (2001)
Was Huvishka the Sole Ruler of the Kushan Empire 2000
The Date of Kanishka (2004, 1997)
                      A Short Note on the Saeculum (2005)
Is the Azes Era to be dated to 58BC? (2004)
The Minor Indo-Parthian Eras (2005)
The Great Scythian Wave (1997)
Can Paleography Date Inscriptions? (2005)
Problematic readings: The Castana Inscription and Professional Women (2005)

Coins are one of the most important sources for Kushan History. The study of coins were the first clues to the Kushan rulers and has since given historian a knowledge of social, economic and political history.

Introduction to Kushan Coins 1999
The Devaluation of Huvishka's Coinage 2005
Overstrikes of Phraates IV 2001
The Propoganda of Kajula Kadphises 1999
Bibliography Women in Ancient India
Ideals of Beauty
The Date of Kanishka
The Brahmi Inscriptions
Sources for Kushan History

There are many literary and epighraphic sources for Kushan History. On the right are listed some of the sources on the Keele site. There are also a number of other sources in the literature section

The Brahmi Inscriptions, (2005)
Inscription List, (2004)
The Life of Apollonius of Tyana and Acts of Thomas: Western Saints in Eastern Lands, (2007)

Strabos Geography1997
11.8.2 The invasion of Bactria 1997
11.8.6 Customs of the Massagetae 1997
The life of Apollonius of Tyana1997
II,6 The Nomads of Kabul 1997
II,12 Elephants in Indian Warfare 1997
II,20 The town of Taxila 1997
II,24 Phroates of Taxila 1997
Periplus Mari Erythraie 1997
Section 38: The Indo-Parthians 1997
Section 39: The port of Barbarikon 1997
Section 47: The kingdoms of Northern India1997
The Shih Chih and the Hou Han Shu 1997
SC 123.5b Description of Bactria 1997
HHS 118.9a The Country of the Yu-chi 1997
HHS 118.9b Description of northern India1997
HHS 118.10b Yu-chi occupation of Northern India 1997
HHS 77.7a Kushan conflicts with China 1997

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