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Finding Out More

If you would like to find out more about Kushan Studies there are a variety of possible sources. There are bibliographies for some of the articles on the site. These, and the review section, indicate books which might be of interest. There are also a number of serial publications which cover Kushan material (listed below).

An important and useful source of information is the Kushana online discussion list. The members of this list have a variety of interests and will be able to provide both opinions and references on most aspects of Kushan history. Those joining should of course be warned that there are number of less than scholarly members of all such lists, whose lack of knowledge is not accurately reflected in the manner of their postings. There is also an archive of messages from the old Kushan discussion list. You can also contact me directly by emailing robert@kushan.org

The Internet

There are a variety of sites on the Internet dealing with Kushan material, but I would recommend only two as providing good quality academic information.

Tom Mallon McCorgray http://www.grifterrec.com/coins/coins.html

The Silk Road Seattle Website http://depts.washington.edu/uwch/silkroad/index.html

Zeno.Ru is a website dedicated to coins. The site acts as a giant database, housing pictures of coins uploaded by various users and commentary on those coins. The section linked to here has a sizable selection of Kushan coins.

There are also a number of Internet Journals which may have information of interest.

Asian Art

www.asianart.com is an online journal covering Art in general and which may contain articles of interest to Kushan studies, there is also a bulleting board on which you can ask questions at http://www.asianart.com/cgi-bin/asianart/letterboard.pl


A Spanish language journal at http://www.transoxiana.com.ar/


www.abia.net is a database of abstracts of articles in Asian studies. 

Serial Publications

There are no specialist journals in Kushan studies. Articles are divided among a variety of other Journals which often deal with a broader area. Very few (none) of the journals really have enough Kushan material on a sufficiently regular basis to warrant subscription but copies of most are available at major academic libraries that specialize in Indian or Asian history. Probably the four most important outputs for publications on the Kushans are BAI, SRAA, SAS, and East & West. 

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology (JIAA)

This was formerly the newsletter Circle of Inner Asian Art and included short articles and short notices (http://www.soas.ac.uk/ciaa/newsletter.htm). It has now been replaced with the Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology which focuses on longer scholarly articles, the first volume was published in December 2006

Bulletin of the Asia Institute (BAI)

This journal regularly has articles on Gandharan art, and on recent epigraphic or archaeological discoveries. There are lists of articles and abstracts available on the Journals website at http://www.bulletinasiainstitute.org/.

Gandharan Studies

Annual journal relating to archaeology and history of Gandharan in the historic and early Islamic period.

Silk Road Art and Archaeology (SRAA)

Published by The Institute of Silk Road Studies, (120-14, Nikaido, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 248 Japan). This journal covers Kushan material as part of its remit, especially articles relating to central Asian archaeology and numismatics. As of Volume 10 (2004) I understand the journal has been suspended. It is unclear when or if it will resume publication.

South Asian Studies (SAS)

This journal covers a broad geographic range and temporal scope. It is primarily concerned with archaeological material, though its articles are often broader in scope than SRAA. It is also, by a considerable margin, the most theoretically engaged of all the journals that  publish regular Kushan material. This makes it absolutely vital reading for anyone seriously interested in research, but also probably hard to follow for the more general reader. 

Information on the journal can be obtained by writing to 60 Queen's Gardens, London, W2 3AF, or secretary@societyforsouthasianstudies.org.

East and West (E&W)

This journal covers Gandharan art on an irregular basis. The articles are usually of a high standard and the journal is in general well edited. Recent articles include:

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (BSOAS)

Like the BAI this journal covers recent archaeological discoveries, epigraphy, and Gandharan art.

Oriental Numismatic Society (ONS)

The Oriental Numismatic Society publishes a regular newsletter. It only infrequently covers Kushan coinage in any detail but there are often notes on recent publications.

IIRNS - Indian Institute for Research in Numismatic Studies

This institution produces both a newsletter and a journal which sometimes contain material of interest to those in Kushan Studies. 

Journal of the Indian Numismatic Society

The Journal regularly includes articles on Kushan coinage. In the past it was a notable avenue for publications on Kushan material often carrying important articles. However, in recent years the publication of the Journal has become erratic and the quality of the articles has become extremely variable. The JNSI can be contacted by writing to Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 221005 but I would advise against it. Instead try contacting Biblia Impex PVT for a copy of the most recent issue. Recent Articles:

Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics

SAN is an American published Newsletter. The contents are aimed at very wide numismatic audience so the articles on Kushan studies are infrequent. However, the articles are well written and quite technical short notes when they do appear. The society can be contacted by writing to Society for Ancient Numismatics, PO Box 4095, Parorama City, CA, 91412 4095.

Indian Archaeology Review

The IAR consists of short reports on activities of Indian Archaeologists. Publication was interrupted but has been restarted and the present editor is making good progress in returning the journal to its proper schedule (the most recently published issue is 1998-9).

Ancient Pakistan

The Pakistan equivalent of the Indian Archaeology Review. The Journal is presently up to date and being well used by scholars interested in Kushan related sites (such as Kashmiri Smat) for publication of fairly detailed reports.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Published by Cambridge University Press the JRAS rarely carries articles of direct relevance to Kushan studies though there have been some in recent issues of tangential interest. Articles instead tend to focus on the Medieval and Modern period. The journal does have an extensive reviews section which frequently has detailed reviews of books of interest. Recently, volume 14, pt 2 (July 2004), included reviews of: Asia's Maritime Bead Trade by Peter Francis; Sacred Traces British Explorations of Buddhism in South Asia by Janice Leoshko; Early Buddhist Art of China and Central Asia by Marylin Martin Rhie; and Histoire Des Marchards Sogdiens by Etienne de la Vaissiere.


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