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Glossary of Kushan History

The history of the Kushans stretches across more than 400 years, thousands of miles and dozens of cultures. The locations, people and places can be hard to identify. This is not an attempt to justify the associations made between Chinese and Western place names, the reader should note that many of these are still debated. This glossary is intended to help the student of Kushan history by providing brief details on many of the items mentioned in the text.

Wherever possible the alternative spellings of a name have been included. This plethora of spellings for each word in Kushan history is the result of changes in transliteration over the past century. Be warned the author has simply used the spelling he is most comfortable with (to provide an up to date set of transliterations for all the names in Kushan history would be worthy of a book in itself and is far beyond the expertise of this author).


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