Kashmir Smast

Kashmir Smast is now a well known site in the Mardan valley. The site had produced a small amount of sculpture and gold coins, mostly looted for sale on the international market, but the true value of the site is in the copper coinage. This has been flowing out of the region now for a decade, and has been publicized at a number of conferences (such as South Asian Archaeology last year, meetings of the ONS, and elsewhere). There have also been a large number of coins discussed on various lists. However, this material remains tantalizing, and material in print is extremely limited. Dr Nasim Khan (who has been working on the site for a number of years) is in the process of publishing a volume outlining many of the finds.

Much of this material is numismatic, from the late to Kushanas through to Hephalites, and is interesting because it includes a substantial number of previously unknown types, many of which seem to have circulated only in the immediate vicinity (they may even have been minted and circulated purely for ritual purposes at Kashmiri Smast). It also outlines some of the other important discoveries; sculpture, inscriptions (on reliquary caskets of a type generally known from Gandhara), and even a birch bark scroll, apparently ritually interred. The volume should be available shortly.

Readers may also be interested to know that Waleed Ziad (see the link to his on-line site on Kashmir Smast, for which he is conducting interviews with a number of scholars involved in the recording and understanding of the site below) is working on a volume dedicated to the coins that have circulated on the market from this site..

On the Net

An Interview with a Local Antiquarian (by Waleed Ziad)

Also Available on Kasmiri Smast

Ziad, Waleed (2006) 'Treasures of Kashmir Smast' in ONS 187

Khan, N Nasim (forthcoming) 'Hephalites in Gandhara: Some More Archaeological Evidences' in South Asian Archaeology 2005


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