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A decade ago it was still comparatively difficult to source books on specialist academic subjects. At that time I primarily used a company called Biblia Impex PVT in Delhi to acquire works published in India. With huge improvements in Amazon and Abebooks it is much easier to locate even quite obscure or low printrun items, with Abebooks usually being the cheaper option. I have not had a need to purchase an item directly from India for some time but I understand from others who have used them that the IIRNS publication division (the institute is located near Nasik in Maharashtra) is very efficient.

One of the reasons I have less need to acquire these things is because it is substantially easier to get things online. Many in the humanities have taken to posting off-prints of their work online, with the comercial (but free to access) site apparently the most popular choice. And many journals, and even edited volumes are now available online, either in part through google books or in a whole (but with limit on the number of items you can look at in a period) through .

The Internet

When I started the internet was a radically different place. Youtube wasn't really a thing and there was a big drive to create content by individuals, very rarely academics. Today the internet is more often a place to host academic material created in the tradition of off-line material. For example the website of Thomas K.Mallon-McCorgray which use to be listed here has long since gone. In the meantime people have begun to create online resources that do things you simply cannot do offline. Obviously wikipedia, which has proven itself a far more effective tool for collating knowledge than the traditional encyclopedia. The most important tool for Kushan studies is undoubtedly (a href=""> which hosts a database of every manuscript and inscription written in Kharoshthi script and has become the standard method of referring to such inscriptions (if you see CKI and a number it means Corpus of Kharoshthi inscriptions and it is pointing you here). A similar resource for numismatics is curated by private collectors and enthusiasts.


The reviews here are neither comprehensive nor focused. A review gets added if I read a book and it provokes a sufficient response from me, positive or negative, to warrant writing one.

Kushan History

Dated Kushana Inscriptions, Satya Shrava

Trade and religious exchange: India and China, Xinru Liu

The Armies of Bactria, Valerii.P.Nikonorov

Kushana Coins and History, Pameshwari Lal Gupta


Buddhism and Gandara Art, edited by R C Sharma and Pranati Ghosal

Art and Culture Under the Kushanas, by Suman Mathur

Echoes of Alexander the Great: Silk Route Portraits from Gandhara, Marian Wenzel

Gandhara: The Memory of Afghanistan, by Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter

Gandharan Art in Context: East-West Exchanges at the Crossroads of Asia, Raymond Allchin, Bridget Allchin, Neil Kreitman, Elizabeth Errington.


Coins of the Great Kushans, Arvind K.Singh

Silk Road Coins: The Hiryama Collection, K.Tanabe

Studies in Silk Road Coins and Culture:Silk Road Art and Archaeology Special Volume 1997, edited by K.Tanabe, J.Cribb, H.Wang

Ancient, Medieval and Recent History and Coins of Pakistan by Rear Admiral Sohail A. Khan

Ancient Indian Coinage, Rekha Jain

General: Asia

History of Civilizations of Central Asia, J.Harmatta

The Crossraods of Asia, E.Errington and J.Cribb

General: India

Mlecchas in Early India, Aloka Parasher

Women and Gender Studies

Faces of the Feminine in Ancient, Medieval and Modern India edited by Mandakranta Bose

Courtesans and Tantric Consorts by Serinity Young


IndoSkript, Harry Falk, Walter Slaje, Oliver Hellwig


Two Buddhas Seated Side by Side by Donald Lopez and Jacqueline Stone

Star system: Books with no stars are only recommended if you have a strong interest in that area. One Star means a book is either quite specialized, or that there is something better available in the same area. Represents a book that is both well written and presents new and interesting research, and has appeal beyond a narrow specialism. The stars are only a very rough guide, the reviews will contain more information on the suitability of the book.

Other Articles/Books

These are short notes on other books and articles in recent Journals which I don't intend to review.

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