Funko Pop! Cupid Chewbacca: Star Wars Valentine’s Collectible

Prepare to fall in love with the galaxy far, far away in an entirely new way with the Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines Cupid Chewbacca. This delightful collectible combines the iconic charm of Chewbacca with a touch of Valentine’s Day whimsy.

If you’re a Star Wars enthusiast or a Funko Pop! collector, you won’t want to miss this unique addition to your collection. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the details of Cupid Chewbacca. The latest star of the Star Wars Valentine series from Funko.

Why Do You Need Star Wars Valentines Funko Pop?

When it comes to collectible figures that celebrate the magic of popular culture, Funko Pop! stands at the forefront. Their Star Wars Valentine’s series is a testament to their creativity and dedication to bringing beloved characters to life in unique ways. Cupid Chewbacca is no exception.

A Star Wars Valentine’s Delight:

Cupid Chewbacca is a miniature work of art that captures the essence of Star Wars and Valentine’s Day in a single figurine. Standing at approximately 9 cm tall.

This vinyl figure showcases Chewbacca in a cupid-themed costume, complete with a bow and arrow. It’s a delightful blend of the Wookiee’s charm and the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Perfect for Collectors and Fans:

Whether you’re a seasoned Funko collector or a Star Wars devotee, Cupid Chewbacca is a must-have addition to your collection. It’s not just a figure; it’s a symbol of the love that fans have for the Star Wars universe.

Complete Your Star Wars Collection:

If you’re already a fan of Funko’s Star Wars line, you’ll want to make sure Cupid Chewbacca finds a place among your other figures. Funko offers a diverse range of Star Wars characters. So you can create your very own galaxy of collectibles.

A People’s Choice Toy:

Funko Pop! vinyl figures have gained immense popularity over the years. And it’s no surprise that they were the 2018 People’s Choice Toy of the Year. The combination of intricate detailing, creative designs. And the nostalgia factor make them highly sought-after by fans of all ages.

Buying Guide:

Collectability and Availability:

Given that this figure is part of a special Valentine’s series by Funko, it’s advisable to check its collectibility and availability. Some figures in limited edition series can become rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Display Options:

Consider how you plan to display your Cupid Chewbacca figure. It comes in a window display box, but you can also choose to display it out of the box if you prefer. Decide which option suits your collection best.

Age Appropriateness:

Funko Pop! figures are generally designed with older collectors in mind due to their delicate nature. If you intend to purchase this figure for a child or teenager, ensure they understand the need for careful handling and display.

Exploring the Valentine’s Series:

If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and holiday-themed collectibles, explore Funko’s Valentine’s series to see if other characters in festive attire catch your eye. You might want to expand your collection with additional holiday-themed figures.

Authenticity and Retailers:

To ensure you’re purchasing an authentic Funko Pop! Cupid Chewbacca figure, buy from reputable retailers or directly from Funko’s official sources. This guarantees the authenticity of your collectible.

Consider the Box Condition:

If you’re a collector who values box condition, pay attention to the box’s condition when making your purchase. Some collectors prefer pristine boxes for their figures.

Check for Online Reviews:

Before making a purchase decision, it can be helpful to check online reviews from other collectors to get insights into the figure’s quality and any potential issues.

Price Comparison:

Compare prices from different sellers or sources to ensure you’re getting a reasonable price for your Cupid Chewbacca figure. Keep in mind that rare or older Funko Pop! figures may have higher price tags.

Five Questions & Answers:

Is This Funko Pop! Figure A Limited Edition Release?

Yes, The Cupid Chewbacca figure is part of the Star Wars Valentine’s series by Funko, which typically features limited edition releases. It’s advisable to check with Funko or authorized retailers for availability.

Can I Display This Figure Out Of The Box, Or Is It Meant To Be Kept In The Window Display Box?

You have the flexibility to choose how you display your Cupid Chewbacca figure. It comes in a window display box, but you can certainly take it out of the box for display if you prefer.

Is this figure suitable for children to play with, or is it more of a collector’s item?

While Funko Pop! figures are generally designed with collectors in mind due to their delicate nature, they can also be enjoyed by older children and teenagers who appreciate Star Wars collectibles. However, it’s advisable to handle them with care.

Are there other Star Wars characters in the Valentine’s series by Funko?

Funko has released several Star Wars characters in Valentine’s-themed figures. You can explore the series to find other beloved characters in delightful holiday-themed outfits.

Does this figure come with any interchangeable parts or accessories?

No, Cupid Chewbacca is a single-piece vinyl figure and does not come with interchangeable parts or accessories. It’s a charming representation of Chewbacca in his Valentine’s attire.


In a galaxy filled with iconic characters and epic tales, there’s something truly special about blending the magic of Star Wars with the charm of Valentine’s Day.

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