Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead. As avid Marvel fans, we were thrilled to discover this unique addition to the Funko Pop! lineup. With its captivating design and attention to detail, this collectible truly captures the essence of the What If? animated series. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key features, design elements, and overall value of this remarkable Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop.

What are the reasons to consider purchasing Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead?

Design and Aesthetics:

The first thing that catches your eye when you see this Funko Pop! Zombie Iron Man is its visually stunning design. Standing at approximately 4.5-inches tall, this vinyl bobblehead perfectly depicts the zombified version of Iron Man.

The intricate detailing of his decayed metallic suit, exposed skeletal structure, and glowing eyes is truly impressive. Funko has done an excellent job of capturing the eerie and haunting essence of the character while staying true to the Funko Pop! style we all love.

Quality and Durability:

Crafted from high-quality vinyl, this collectible figure is built to last. The materials used are sturdy and ensure that the intricate details of the design remain intact over time. The bobblehead mechanism adds an extra element of fun to the figure, making it a delight to display and interact with. Rest assured, this Funko Pop! will hold its own in your collection for years to come.

Collectibility and Rarity:

Being part of the Marvel: What If? series, this Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! holds immense collectible value. Funko Pop! enthusiasts and Marvel fans alike will be eager to add this unique variant to their collections. The limited availability of this particular figure only adds to its desirability. As the completions in you awakens, this Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! becomes an essential piece to complete your What If? set.

Versatility and Display Options:

One of the best aspects of Funko Pop! figures is their versatility in terms of display. With its compact size, the Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! fits seamlessly into any collection, be it on a shelf, desk, or even in a dedicated display case.

You can proudly showcase this figure alongside other Marvel heroes or create a themed display around the What If? animated series. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a visually captivating Marvel universe right in your own home.

Value for Money:

Considering the exceptional design, attention to detail, and collectible nature of this Funko Pop!, the price point offers excellent value for money. While the exact price may vary, investing in this Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop is a wise choice for any Marvel fan or Funko Pop! collector. Its rarity and desirability make it not only a great addition to your collection but also a potential investment piece for the future.

To conclude, the Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead is a must-have for Marvel enthusiasts and Funko Pop! collectors alike. Its stunning design, durability, and collectible value make it a standout piece in any collection.

Whether you’re a fan of the What If? animated series or simply appreciate the artistry behind Funko Pop! figures, this Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! is a fantastic addition to your display. Stay tuned for our upcoming segment, where we will answer common questions about this collectible.

Five Questions & Answers:

Is The Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! Suitable For Children?

While Funko Pop! figures are generally considered safe for children, the Zombie Iron Man variant may be more suitable for older children or adult collectors. The design features a zombified version of Iron Man, which may be too intense or scary for younger kids. It’s always best to use your discretion when purchasing collectibles for children.

Can I Remove The Bobblehead Feature From The Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop?

The bobblehead feature is an integral part of the Funko Pop! design and cannot be removed without altering the figure. The bobblehead mechanism adds a playful element to the collectible, making it unique and enjoyable to interact with.

Is This Funko Pop Figure Exclusive To Any Particular Store Or Event?

As of our knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! was not released as an exclusive to any particular store or event. However, Funko Pop! releases may vary over time, so it’s advisable to check with local retailers or online platforms to confirm the availability and any exclusivity.

Can I Expect The Packaging To Be In Good Condition When Ordering Online?

Funko Pop! figures are generally packaged with care to ensure they arrive in good condition. However, factors such as shipping handling and potential mishaps during transit can occasionally cause minor damage to the packaging. It’s advisable to purchase from reputable sellers who prioritize secure packaging to minimize the risk of any damage.

Are there any other Funko Pop figures available from the Marvel: What If series?

Yes, Funko has released several other figures as part of the Marvel: What If? series. You can expand your collection with characters such as Captain Carter, T’Challa Star-Lord, and more. Each figure captures a unique twist on beloved Marvel characters, making them highly sought-after among collectors and fans of the animated series.

Buying Guide:

When it comes to purchasing the Funko Pop Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead, there are a few key factors to consider. Follow this buying guide to ensure you make an informed decision and have a seamless shopping experience.

Authenticity: To guarantee that you’re purchasing a genuine Funko Pop! product, it’s important to buy from reputable sources. Stick to authorized retailers, both online and offline, that specialize in collectibles. This will help you avoid counterfeit or bootleg versions that may compromise the quality and value of your purchase.

Pricing: The pricing of Funko Pop! figures can vary depending on factors such as demand, exclusivity, and rarity. Research the average market price for the Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Be cautious of overly discounted prices, as they could indicate counterfeit products or damaged items.

Condition: If you’re a collector who values the condition of the packaging, consider purchasing from sellers who prioritize packaging protection during shipping. Look for keywords such as “mint condition” or “protected packaging” in the product descriptions. Additionally, request detailed photos of the actual item from the seller to assess the condition before making your purchase.

Seller Reputation: Take the time to read reviews and check the reputation of the seller or online platform you’re considering purchasing from. Look for positive feedback, responsive customer service, and a track record of delivering authentic products in good condition. This will minimize the risk of encountering counterfeit or damaged items.

Limited Editions and Exclusives: Keep an eye out for any limited editions or exclusive releases of the Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop. These variants often come with unique features or packaging, making them even more desirable to collectors. Stay informed about upcoming releases by following Funko’s official channels and join relevant collector communities to stay up-to-date on exclusive offers and pre-orders.

By following these buying guide tips, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining an authentic and well-preserved Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! to enhance your collection. Now, let’s proceed to the conclusion of this review.


In conclusion, the Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead is an extraordinary addition to any Marvel or Funko Pop! collection. Its captivating design, durability, and collectible value make it a standout piece that will surely impress fans and collectors alike. The attention to detail in depicting the zombified version of Iron Man is truly remarkable, showcasing Funko’s commitment to capturing the essence of beloved characters.

Remember to consider factors such as authenticity, pricing, condition, and seller reputation when making your purchase. This will ensure you obtain a genuine and well-preserved Zombie Iron Man Funko Pop! that you can proudly add to your collection.

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