Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle [Discontinued]

Prepare for an immersive gaming experience with the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle. This limited edition bundle includes a military green console, the critically acclaimed Battlefield 1 game, exclusive content, and enhanced features. In this detailed review, we’ll explore the impressive features, gameplay, and value that this special edition bundle offers to Xbox enthusiasts and Battlefield fans alike.

Why Do You Need Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle?

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle is a comprehensive package. That delivers everything you need to dive into the thrilling world of Battlefield 1. Featuring a unique military green design, the 1TB console is a visual delight. Capturing the essence of the game’s gritty warfare atmosphere.

Included in the bundle is the full game digital download of Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. Immerse yourself in the epic battles of World War I, experiencing the intense single-player campaign and engaging in multiplayer warfare with friends and online competitors. With its realistic graphics, immersive sound design. Gripping storytelling, Battlefield 1 is a true masterpiece that keeps players captivated for hours on end.

Enhancing the visual appeal of the console, the bundle includes a military green stand and controller. This special edition design adds a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your gaming setup. Making it a standout piece among your gaming collection.

The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle also boasts impressive technological advancements. With 4K capability, you can watch your favorite Blu-ray movies in stunning detail, and enjoy streaming 4K content on popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Video. The console’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) support enriches the colors and contrast in games. And also videos, providing a more immersive and lifelike visual experience.

In addition to the base game, the bundle includes exclusive bonus content such as the Hellfighter Pack, Red Baron Pack, and Lawrence of Arabia Pack. These packs unlock special weapons, vehicles, and customization options, adding extra depth and excitement to your Battlefield 1 gameplay. Additionally, you’ll receive 5 Battlepacks, allowing you to enhance your arsenal and customize your soldier further.

Not only does the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle offer an exceptional gaming experience. But it also provides access to a vast library of games. With over 100 console exclusives and backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. You’ll have an extensive collection to choose from, ensuring endless hours of entertainment.

Buying Guide:

When considering the purchase of the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle, here are some important factors to keep in mind:


As the bundle has been discontinued, availability may be limited. Check with reputable retailers or consider purchasing from trusted sources in the pre-owned market. Ensure that the bundle includes all the components mentioned in the product description.


If purchasing from the pre-owned market, carefully assess the condition of the console and accessories. Look for sellers with positive ratings and reviews to ensure a reliable transaction.

Game Preference:

While the bundle includes Battlefield 1 and its exclusive content, make sure the game aligns with your gaming preferences. If you are a fan of first-person shooters and historical settings, Battlefield 1 offers a captivating experience. However, if you prefer other genres, consider other Xbox One game bundles that suit your tastes.

Special Edition Appeal:

The military green design of the console and the matching controller make this bundle visually appealing. If you are a collector or enjoy limited edition items. The special edition aesthetics add an extra level of value to the bundle.

4K and HDR Capabilities:

If you have a 4K TV and are interested in experiencing enhanced graphics and vibrant colors. The Xbox One S with its 4K and HDR capabilities will provide an immersive gaming experience. However, if you do not have a 4K TV, you may consider other Xbox One S bundles. That better align with your display capabilities.

Pricing and Value:

Compare prices from different retailers or sellers to ensure you are getting a fair deal for the bundle. Consider the included game, exclusive content, and the overall condition of the console. Accessories to determine the value for your money.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision. When purchasing the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle. Immerse yourself in the intense battles of Battlefield 1 and enjoy the enhanced features. And aesthetics of this limited edition bundle.

Five Questions & Answers:

Is The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle Still Available For Purchase?

Unfortunately, the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle has been discontinued. However, you may still find limited stock available through select retailers or on the pre-owned market.

Can I Play Other Games Besides Battlefield 1 With This Console Bundle?

Absolutely. The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle allows you to play a wide range of games. Including Xbox One console exclusives and backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles. Expand your gaming library and explore various genres beyond the Battlefield franchise.

Does The Bundle Come With A Controller And Additional Accessories?

Yes, the bundle includes a military green controller, perfectly matching the console’s design. Additionally, it comes with essential accessories like an HDMI cable (4K capable), power cable. A 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial, providing everything you need to get started.

Are The Exclusive Packs Included In The Bundle Accessible Immediately In The Game?

Yes, the Hell fighter Pack, Red Baron Pack, and Lawrence of Arabia Pack are included with the bundle. Also can be accessed immediately within the game. These packs provide exciting bonuses, such as unique weapons and customization options, enhancing your Battlefield 1 gameplay from the start.

Can I Enjoy Enhanced Graphics And Performance With This Console Bundle?

Yes, the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle offers enhanced visuals and performance. With 4K capability and HDR support, you can experience richer colors, improved contrast, and a more immersive gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Battlefield 1 with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay.S


the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle is a must-have for fans of the Battlefield series and Xbox enthusiasts. With its visually stunning design, immersive gameplay, exclusive content. And advanced features, this limited edition bundle delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the trenches of World War I and conquer the Battlefield with this exceptional package.

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