Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar | Christmas Scented Candles Gift Set | 24 Tea Lights & 1 Glass Candle Holder | Countdown to Christmas Collection

The holiday season is a time of enchantment, and what better way to count down to Christmas than with the Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar? This exquisite Christmas scented candles gift set is designed to immerse you in the spirit of the season, with 24 delightful tea lights.

And a beautiful glass candle holder. With its Countdown to Christmas Collection, Yankee Candle has created a truly captivating experience for candle enthusiasts and festive lovers alike.

Why Do You Need Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar?

The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar is a treasure trove of scented wonders that will transform your home into a cozy haven during the holiday season. Behind each door of this meticulously crafted advent calendar, you’ll find 24 scented tea lights, each representing a unique fragrance that captures the essence of Christmas.

What sets this advent calendar apart is the thoughtfully selected variety of scents. From the warm and inviting aroma of Twinkling Lights to the nostalgic sweetness of Christmas Cookie, and the whimsical charm of Letters to Santa, each tea light is designed to transport you to a world of festive delights.

With eight different fragrances to discover, the Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar ensures that every day leading up to Christmas is filled with anticipation and joy.

Not only does this advent calendar offer an olfactory feast, but it also doubles as a stunning decorative piece. The glass candle holder, included with the set, provides a safe and elegant platform for displaying your tea lights. The transparent glass not only adds a touch of sophistication to any space but also protects surfaces from any potential damage.

The attention to detail exhibited in the design and packaging of this advent calendar is truly remarkable. The imagery and colors evoke a sense of holiday magic, while the overall presentation adds to the excitement of unveiling a new fragrance each day.

The enchanting illustrations and meticulous craftsmanship make this advent calendar a perfect gift for loved ones or a delightful treat for yourself.

Additionally, Yankee Candle’s commitment to sustainability shines through in the advent calendar’s packaging. They encourage customers to recycle the materials responsibly, ensuring that the magic of these candles extends beyond the holiday season.

Five Questions & Answers :

Are the tea lights in the advent calendar long-lasting?

Yes, the tea lights included in the Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar have a burn time of up to 6 hours per piece. This ensures that you can enjoy the delightful fragrances throughout the day or evening without worrying about them burning out quickly.

Can the glass candle holder be reused after the advent calendar is finished?

Absolutely. The glass candle holder provided with the advent calendar is not only a practical way to display the tea lights but also a charming decorative object that can be used all year round. You can continue to enjoy its beauty and versatility long after the holiday season.

Are the fragrances in the advent calendar overwhelming or subtle?

The fragrances in the Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar are expertly crafted to strike the perfect balance. They are neither overwhelming nor too subtle, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and inviting scent that fills your space with a delightful aroma without overpowering the senses.

Can I customize the order in which I open the doors of the advent calendar?

While the advent calendar is designed to be opened day by day leading up to Christmas, the choice of which door to open each day is entirely up to you. You can customize the order to create a unique and personalized experience, building anticipation as you discover each new fragrance.

Can I repurpose the advent calendar after Christmas?

Absolutely. The advent calendar itself can be repurposed for various creative uses. You can transform it into a small storage box, a decorative display for trinkets, or even a mini herb garden. Its versatile design allows you to continue enjoying its beauty and functionality long after the holiday season has ended.

Buying Guides :

Consider the Fragrance Selection:

Take a moment to review the list of fragrances included in the advent calendar and consider your personal preferences. If you enjoy a variety of scents, this calendar offers a diverse range of festive aromas.

However, if you have specific scent preferences, ensure that the fragrances align with your taste to enhance your overall experience.

Assess Burn Time:

If you plan to use the tea lights for longer periods, consider the burn time of each candle. The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar offers tea lights with a burn time of up to 6 hours. Which provides ample time to enjoy the delightful scents throughout the day or during special occasions.

Evaluate Packaging and Design:

The packaging and design of the advent calendar play a significant role in creating a festive atmosphere. Yankee Candle is known for its attention to detail and visually appealing products. Assess the artwork, colors, and overall presentation to ensure it. Aligns with your aesthetic preferences and enhances the joy of unveiling each fragrance.

Consider Reusability:

The inclusion of a glass candle holder adds value and versatility to the advent calendar. If you appreciate items that can be reused, repurposed, or incorporated into your home decor beyond the holiday season. The Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar provides an elegant glass holder that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Check for Sustainability Initiatives:

If environmental sustainability is important to you, consider the brand’s commitment to responsible packaging and recycling. Yankee Candle encourages customers to recycle the materials correctly, promoting a more eco-friendly approach to enjoying their products. Supporting brands with sustainable practices can contribute to a greener future.

By considering these buying guides, you can make an informed decision when purchasing the Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar. Ensuring that it aligns with your preferences, provides a delightful experience. And adds a touch of magic to your holiday season.


Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar is a must-have for anyone seeking to infuse their home with the enchantment of Christmas. Its carefully curated selection of scented tea lights, paired with the exquisite glass candle holder. Creates an immersive experience that brings the holiday spirit to life.

With its exceptional quality, captivating design, and commitment to sustainability. This advent calendar is the perfect way to count down to Christmas while indulging in the joy of fragrance. Stay tuned for the next section where we delve into five questions and answers about this delightful product.

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